Chapter 6: Explore the FoodPanda Portal?

Chapter 6: Explore the FoodPanda Portal?


Understanding the FoodPanda Portal
Vendor Ordering Device

In this chapter you will get a quick dive in the FoodPanda portal. The portal where you will see all your sales and more.

FoodPanda Portal

Understanding the FoodPanda Portal

What is the FoodPanda Portal?

The FoodPanda portal is your vendor login portal where you can add all your products and track all your orders.

It is your dashboard that helps you showing what is selling and how your milk tea shop is presented online. Remember the Vendor Score? in this FoodPanda Portal you control your pictures and product descriptions.

1. Introduction to the Vendor Portal

2. Introduction to Menu Management

3. Menu Management (Category, Menu, Listing & Banner Photo)

4. Menu Management (Photography Tips)

5. Menu Management (Create Toppings, Modifies and Sets)

6. Invoice Tools

FoodPanda Vendor Ordering Device

Understanding Exploring the Vendor Ordering Device

Vendor Ordering Device

The Vendor Ordering Device will cost you monthly ₱ 1,000 which is a rental fee that charge you for the device and using the system. However if you are able to make ₱ 4,000 in orders. In that case FoodPanda will waive the fees as your commission will be over ₱ 1,000.

FoodPanda advertising options

It is time to check out the FoodPanda advertising options.

Now you start to have a solid foundation. It is time to explore the adverting options on FoodPanda.

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