Chapter 4: Understanding FoodPanda and how our habit works "against" us

Chapter 4: Understanding FoodPanda and how our habit works "against" us


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No we are not going to explain how the world has changed from being offline to a more online world. You already know that if not you would not avail this package. But there is another habit you must know and you have created this HABIT since 1999 by a company that you use EVERY SINGLE DAY! Some call it your "friend". It is even in the English dictionary, yes you know what we are talking about it is called "Googling".

Google is your friend. Well this so called friend made selling on FoodPanda "harder". Thank you so much "BESTIE"! So much for being a friend. I will show and tell you why.

While being on FoodPanda is one thing. Getting sales or being found by potential customer is a whole other story. To understand how FoodPanda works you need to understand the system from the "inside". FoodPanda does make it sound that once you are on FoodPanda sales is going to pour in from all sides. Well, we have some news for you it is not that easy. To understand this we need to understand habits.

Let's explore Google search & FoodPanda search (why they are more similar then you would guess.)

Google Search clicks

The habit that made it harder.

Getting on FoodPanda is the easy part. Getting your drinks to sell like crazy might be harder than you think. And this is not because FoodPanda is complicated but you are in competition with other shops who all want to get the same customers to order.

If ever you are familiar with Google and many researches have proved it over and over. Research has found that people will most like browse to the first 10 results on Google. No one hardly goes to the next page in Google but will do another search.

I will share you a secret of Google. It so easy to be in Google but it is very hard to get to the Top of Google for the right keyword. What do I mean by keyword? It is the word you enter in Google to find an answer. Such a "milk tea".

But they give you 2 options, doing it by their ranking system or via PAID ADS! So now lets go to FoodPanda. How you get on top of FoodPanda? Well, the answer is simple by scoring top notch on their Panda Score & Vendor Score or you avail the PAID ADS. Doesn`t that sound much like Google?

But there is more. And here is why it matter. Many people did research on Google and analyzed how many people clicked on the top 10 results. And the numbers are shocking! You might wonder why this matters! Well, let me tell you, it will matter at lot as people do not browse more then 10 results. Or in other words if you rank 10+ in FoodPanda you will miss out of many customers as they probably will not consider you. Let's explore these numbers as they are shocking! FoodPanda does not give the numbers we are using Google numbers assuming they are very similar.

What those numbers mean?

Your ranking impacts your earnings!

What does those numbers mean, you might ask? Well, let me tell you it means a lot. You can see the upper link on Google gets over 32.58% of all the clicks. The second link gets 16.69% of all the clicks. How to explain this in numbers?

Imagine 1000 people see this on Google. Out of the 1000 people, 326 people will click the first link. Now imagine you are on number 10 of Google. Not bad you might say until you discover you only will get 1.53% which means only 15 people will click on your link. Now lets get a real reality check here imagine you are number 21 on Google. Well guess what, no one will ever find you AT ALL.

So what does this have to do with FoodPanda or even with any other food delivery app? Remember we are humans and humans are a creature of HABIT. And guess what being at the bottom of FoodPanda where customers need to scroll all the way down will LOWER your chance of getting the sale. And we all learned from Google if the first or second link is not good we do a new search. These habits are ingrained and you also have these similar habits.

How do we know this? Well, we have tested it with our shops and one was at the bottom number 21 while the other was second in the results. Guess how many sales we made on FoodPanda when we are #21? Depending on the day it is between 0 and 1 a day. Yes, competition is fierce and you have to rank higher in FoodPanda to get your sales.

So lets, match those numbers with FoodPanda results.

# Shop Name Est. Clicks Est. Sales
1 Milk Tea Shop
2 Milk Tea Shop
3 Milk Tea Shop
4 Milk Tea Shop
5 Milk Tea Shop
6 Milk Tea Shop
7 Milk Tea Shop
8 Milk Tea Shop
9 Milk Tea Shop
10 Milk Tea Shop

What those numbers mean?

Your ranking impacts your earnings!

Are you seeing the numbers and see what a world of difference it becomes once you rank in the top of FoodPanda compare to the bottom?

So now you understand why it matters. It is now time to understand how to get up in the rankings of FoodPanda without paying a dime (centavo) extra to FoodPanda. They are already taking 30% so how much more should they get? The answer as less as possible.

How can we go up in the FoodPanda rankings?

It is time to figure out how to rank higher.

To have this answered we need to dive deep on one specific topic which will understand the mechanics behind it. The question: "how does FoodPanda decides to rank a shop without paying for ads"? Next chapter goes deep on this.

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