Chapter 3: How to start with FoodPanda?

Chapter 3: How to start with FoodPanda?


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Now it is time to explore how to start with FoodPanda. To do this we need to first understand how FoodPanda works. Once you understand that we will cover how to register for FoodPanda.

How FoodPanda works?

Let's explore FoodPanda!

FoodPanda is a brilliant system which basically solve a single customer problem. How to get products from a cafe or restaurant without going there. The solution??? FoodPanda find a person who can deliver it for a fee.

This system sounds very easy but it as many moving parts. Which is of course ensuring that there are enough customers, riders and restaurants all working together. FoodPanda have managed it very well.

While we are assuming you have experienced how to order food on the app we want to explain the essence in case you are new to this.

How FoodPanda Works for Customers?

Process of food ordering

How FoodPanda Works for Vendors (Shops and Restaurants)?

Process of food ordering for vendors (shops and restaurants)

There are basically 3 steps in the process. The steps look very simple but you will soon understand that every step in the process there are layers of well thought out planning.

Step 1: Customer Selects Order

Customers enter a delivery address and selects drinks and food.

1. Customers enter a delivery address via the app or website and select a restaurant nearby.

2. Restaurant prepares food and rider collects.

The rider orders and collects the food.

The order will show on their app the customer order. You as a vendor (the term that FoodPanda uses) must accept the order within 15 minutes. And after accepting make the food within 10 minutes.

3. Once done the rider delivers the food and a record has been made.

A record has been made in your Vendor Order Device.

FoodPanda sends you the proceeds from your orders every week (month, depending your location) and provides detailed insights on your performance. All this is recorded in your Vendor Order Device.

How to register for FoodPanda?

Registration is very easy but takes a few days to approve.

Step 1: Sign up on FoodPanda. The sign up form is straight forward.

  1. Restaurant Name
  2. Vertical
  3. Vertical Segment Shop
  4. City
  5. Restaurant address
  6. First name
  7. Last Name
  8. Contact number
  9. Email
  10. Average Cost of meal for one person
  11. Menu Upload

Once you submit your form you will have to wait for their response. They will not email you at once but usually within 48 hours unless it is the weekend. Once you did that they might ask for more information.

Sometimes they might text or email you for extra information like this:


Hi! foodpanda Philippines here, we've received your application and we've sent you a business information email. Please fill it up to proceed with your application.

Note that:

  • BIR 2303 can be to follow, you can put 0000 BIR to Follow on the blank.
  • BIC is your bank's swift code which you can find in google by searching for it.
  • Bank details are needed since we will be depositing payments once you are our partner restaurant.
  • Photo Listing comments for example are: Filipino, Local, Chicken, Savory, Beverages

After filling up the form, I will be sending you a follow up email.

Thank you, I will get back to you.

Hoping for your response, excited to have you onboard with us.


Step 2: Sign up on FoodPanda. The sign up form is straight forward.

Once they have fully approved your application you will be invited for an introduction training. This is a short training to understand how the system works and how to use the FoodPanda Shop Device.

The FoodPanda Shop Device is a device that will track if your shop is open and you can always turn it of if you are not able to handle FoodPanda orders.


Step 3: Go live on foodpanda

Congratz! You are on FoodPanda

Are you ready to take 1000's of orders? Well, not so fast!

Congratz! You are now online on FoodPanda and time to see your cash register bulking up with piles of orders from FoodPanda.

Here is a fair share of warning, this might happen but commonly it does not happen like that. When we opened we were hidden all below and we have approx 0 ~ 1 order a day! So, the long queue of riders were definitely not waiting at our shop. And that got us thinking. What is going on. Well you will understand it in the next chapter