Milk Tea Business Growth Future

Milk Tea ( Known as pearl Bubble tea) was invented in Taiwan somewhere in the early 1980 s. Many bubble tea where made from fruit content or milk and added chewy tapioca balls and some fruit flavoured jelly.
Also was there a combination of crushed ice normally mixed up with syrup and or fruits, feels like a slush consistency.
Along the way they came up with many varieties to mix and drink them but the 2 most popular where milk tea with tapioca pearls and bubble green milk tea.

The popularity of milk tea in the rest of the world started most with the asian population who lived in abroad. The rest of the world like U.S. , Europe, South America , India and Australia.
The concept get very quick accepted and popular because of the healthy tea variety like  green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and white tea among consumers helped the market grow. The consumption of mill tea for young generation made the bubble tea market growth more quickly, aggressive advertisements, also social media helped it in many ways like facebook , instagram made market as it sits now.

What has the milk tea market done in 2019 was in revenue at least of $2.4 billion and for the future op to 2027 is market potential estimated over 4.3 billion. Assuming that black tea will be consumed almost half of the total production of milk tea.
For milk tea owners , wholesalers, tea producers and all the everyone in the chain of producing and transporting the items is there nice future ahead and looking forward to the latest trends we predict that milk tea will stay for a long time and maybe add some new toppings a long the way.