Chatime Continues to Shake Things Up With Fun Ideas and Fresh Drinks as it opens 100th Store in the Philippines 

If you’re a milktea lover like we are, I’m sure Chatime is no stranger to you. And recently, the iconic purple-clad milktea brand has celebrated an important milestone. Dubbed ‘Chatime Shaking Up at 100’, Chatime Philippines Opens 100th Store in Abreeza Mall, Davao City. To celebrate, Chatime threw one big milktea party last July 6 to 7 at the SM Aura Atrium. Alongside introducing fresh drinks for Filipino milktea lovers to enjoy. Here’s a quick lowdown of the Chatime Shaking Up at 100 event. 

Chatime Shaking Up at 100 Event

Last July 6 and 7 at the SM Aura Atrium, milktea aficionados and guests colorful were treated to grand milktea party with the Chatime Shaking Up at 100 Event. It was a fun experience overall especially with the unveiling of the Chatime Tea Tap and Innovation Bar. This industry first is now available in selected stores in Makati, BGC, and premiere malls. And its aim? To innovate and shake up Filipinos’ milk tea experience, of course!

But what exactly is The Tea Tap and Innovation bar all about? Basically, it brings the social gathering aspect that is typically associated with beer and bars to the milk tea experience. Instead of just pouring in milktea on cups, Chatime has incorporated  a more fun and unique experience. Just like in a typical beer bar, kegs are placed under the counter, making the tap around eye level. It allows milk tea fans to experience the tea making process, without obstructing the view of the store. The tap system includes a beverage cooler that ensures that the tea and milk tea are fresh and cold the entire time. 

Milktea Overload at Chatime Shaking Up at 100!

As expected, everyone looked forward to having a sip of their favorite Chatime drinks during the event. The menu featured exciting event-exclusive flavors that will definitely be a big hit to look forward to. These include Cheese Swirl Taro Milk Tea, Cheese Swirl Dragonfruit Smoothie, and Cookie Cheese Swirl Milk Tea. As well as Thai Milk Tea with Purple Sticky Rice, Lychee Green Tea with Grapefruit Pulp, and Peach Green Tea with Orange Pulp. Want more? There’s also the Sparkling Grapefruit with Agar Jelly, and Lemon Sunset Tea with Agar jelly.